The 3rd factory¡G9,000 square meters
The 3rd factory
SSK Unique Innovation, all in one Shredding & Steel Separating Equipment

¡· Max. Feeding Size: Passenger tires & truck tires, below 1,200 mm¡í¡Ñ 385 mm H; excepting solid & special tires.
¡· Processing Capacity of the Shredding & Steel Separating Equipment:
¡@A. Rubber Chips below 30 mm & separated Steel: 1,000~2,000 kg/hr
B. Rubber Chips below 40 mm & separated Steel: 2,000~3,000 kg/hr
¡@C. Rubber Chips below 50 mm & separated Steel: 3,000~4,000 kg/hr

Tire Recycling Machines
Scrap Tire Shredding & Steel Separating Equipment
Tire Recycling Machines
The Main Shaft of SK-TR
Tire Recycling Machine
This series has been sold well approx. 100 sets since year 1998 to 2008
Tire Recycling Machine
Tire Recycling Supplier
Tire Recycling Equipment
Tire Recycling Equipment
Unique fully automatic system in the world, Automatically processing Scrap Tire
to be excellent Crumb Rubber

¡´ The operation situation of each main machine presents by each light on the surface of Electronic Power Control
¡@ Panel. The light will flash to remind operators to inspect the machine in case the machine got problem.

SK-TR & SK-TS¡GFeeding direction
Tire Recycling Manufacturer
Tech. Electronic Power Control System
Tire Recycling Manufacturer
SK-TRS 800/1200¡GThe sideview of actual operation
Tire Recycling Plant
SK-TRS 800/1200¡GThe Accessories of System
Scrap Tire Shredder
Tire Recycling Manufacturer Tire Recycling Machine
SK-TU Truck Tire Hydraulic Cutter SK-T Truck Tire Bead Wire Hydraulic Remover
Tire Recycling Equipment Tire Recycling Machines

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